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YES!! I think content creation is a great place to test this. There are folks working on carbon-free production processes. What if DAO's were leveraged to gather like-minded investors who funded projects that were doing carbon-free productions? It could be a gateway to building demand/incentives for carbon-free currency. Traditional social tokens could be divided out amongst the creator's fans to invest in carbon-free productions/more equitable/transparent productions; and as a part of the DAO's governance, those tokens could serve as some placeholder to be replaced later with 'green' tokens. This way an audience will come to expect a carbon-free process as the standard. But maybe some social token owners wouldn't necessarily support the DAO because it's carbon-free productions, but maybe they buy tokens because of they want to invest in the creator & their projects. So if the creators care & make the commitment, then they can make a case to their fans of the importance. There could be some sort of 'carbon-free/equitable' seal of approval on projects when they are distributed so audiences become aware of the ethics involved. Thereby the audience starts to look for this 'seal' when they are searching for the next thing to watch. Maybe these DAOs, with their many social token owners collectively leverage their body of produced content to negotiate standards they want with distributors. It would make sense that if the DAO's values are clear, and the purpose is ultimately to produce carbon-free content, then the investors will naturally continue to move towards totally carbon-free solutions. Focusing first on physical carbon-free production could be a way to establish demand for carbon-free currency.

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